klicker crazy cluckers

here is my current chicken name count:
partridge rock—roxanne
red sex link—ruby
black sex link—rosa parks
iowa blue—alice
maran—hester (male-ish one)
blue/gold arucana—abbey
red arucana—ramona
banty—margaret thatcher
seabright rooster—finneus

(old ladies)
barred rock—maude

the chickens are cracking me up.
the littler ones are becoming more comfortable with the big chucks and in due course, running around the coop a lot more than in their little enclave.

they've begun roosting—on top of their enclave instead of on the low pole i put up (naturally). its incredibly precarious and the youngest ones want up there so badly. last night honey repeatedly tried to get up there, only to land on ramona's head or back and completely throw off anything resembling a balance she had struck. (and subsequently upsetting every other chicken in residence.)

at the same time, the light brahma (one of the youngest chicks) ponied up on the perch with the big girls and settled herself down—much to the displeasure of heloise. however, maude and io didn't seem to mind and she snuggled right down (how brave!)

everyone is growing by leaps and bounds too. its good. i'm ready for grown chickens. this weekend i'll have a little more time on my hands, maybe i'll chill with the chucks a little and try to socialize them a little.

this weekend i'll also be getting rid of my rhode islands.
and if i am lucky, the arucanas of dubious orientation.
and next weekend, the wynadottes head to portland.
will be kind of strange to no longer have them. but i can visit.

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