overwhelmed and lacking momentum

its hot.
my front lawn is dead. my back lawn is lush. luscious.

my refrigerator is filled with: potatoes, carrots, yellow squash, peas, greens, cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, endive, green garlic. here is an article about green garlic in the times.

i just received a pound of green beans from my neighbor. sheesh!
god. large garden, farm, neighbor, single girl. what's a girl to do???

so while i wilt away on my couch in front of an episode of law & order, i am considering how i should spend my evening pitting cherries to freeze, steaming zucchini to freeze and looking into whether i should core and freeze the strawberries.

we will see if i do it.
if you haven't noticed, i am lacking momentum at the moment.

frankly, i need to get over my inabilities and get my rear in gear. i need to love my berries and plant my remaining shit and start harvesting like there is no tomorrow.

the peas are toast and (hooray) so is the bermuda grass. the grass, thankfully (i say with guilt) to some well placed herbicides.

quite honestly i don't understand how anyone is supposed to be able to plant fall crops in this valley with this heat. i just imagine any greens would immediately bolt. guess we will see......next month?

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