sea of green

the garden is an explosion of green. i'm harvesting yellow summer squash, cucumbers, broccoli, radishes, peas and herbs. the tomatoes are flowering and the melons are finally growing.

over the weekend i blanched and froze broccoli and then pitted and froze some cherries.

tonight i will rip out my radishes, greens and spinach, they are all looking sickly and driving me crazy. once i get that done i will try my hand at staking my tomatoes since i waited far too long to cage them, hill the potatoes and plant my blueberries and lemon basil.

its been hard to make the garden a priority this year. i've spent so many months feeling overwhelmed that now as i face the tasks i find easy, i have little motivation. its an unpleasant reality and i seriously need to redouble my efforts.

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