tonight is a yard-night.
i need to: mow, support the peppers, tie up the tomatoes, rip out the herbs & replant, clean up the beds.i will try to stay motivated by my desire to barbecue later this week.

i got grouchy and ripped up my potatoes. i had them in a bad spot.
my cukes aren't doing so hot. i think they are also in a bad spot. boo.

sunday i noticed that i have a lot of purple foods growing: eggplant, beans, two or three different kinds of peppers, carrots, potatoes (well, i did). it doesn't sound like a lot but when i come in with it in my arms, it looks like a lot.

right now i kind of wish it was spring again. i didn't get things set up in the garden quite right and i am wishing i had a do-over. but, it will be all right in the end. just symptomatic of other ailments.

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