i'm a little nervous that my tomatoes aren't going to ripen.
i don't think they have gotten any bigger in the last week. i think my plan tonight will include trimming the plants, staking them again and side-dressing them with some fish fertilizer. i need to give my 'maters some serious tlc.

in my absence the chickens picked the lettuce clean. bitches.

in more promising news, i will now be harvesting for the farm monday mornings. it will be a great way to start the week—up early, outdoors, in the dirt. its an answer to my motivation problem, i hope.

my intention was to cook up a big dinner tonight, but family has intervened and i have to eat out. i guess that is all right because i didn't currently have anyone to cook a big meal for. perhaps i can con someone into eating with me wednesday or thursday. as it is, tonight i will probably stay up late blanching and freezing green beans.

i wish i was a little more excited about my garden.
guess i am just feeling overwhelmed and ineffective.

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