a day in the life

today i spent about fifteen minutes trying to catch the bunny. not something i recommend—bunnies are tricky and quick. guess that's how they survive. still, little...fucker.

i should have some photos up shortly.
then you will see how i haven't been overstating my crazed garden. these days its a full blown operation to pick tomatoes at any given time—bobbing and weaving and reaching and stretching.

more chickens are laying. margaret thatcher and rosa parks have been added to the mix. so, more eggs are around. the amerucana eggs remain small and that is too bad. i was hoping they would be larger. unfortunately, maude lays sporadically and iphegenia has been broody for the past two-three weeks.

so that is the status. lazy chickens and a busy garden.
yesterday i strung up peppers and dried tomatoes. today, more tomato drying and some stewed tomato making. tomorrow? who knows. i'll think of something. they say "it takes a village..." well it takes a village to maintain my house. trust me, there is always something.

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