lets get it on

things are running at a good clip in the right direction.

my farm partner and best friend has been in town and its been lovely. i will probably go into withdrawls next week (but luckily there are some more people in town too.) she met my farm mentor and they totally hit it off so i am feeling really good about our farming future, except for the problem of distance. hopefully we can find a way to resolve that.

i've decided to volunteer for them as well as join and become more involved in the activities they are holding—bike rides to farms and foodie book clubs.

i am eager for some down time and after a weekend in portland and seattle, i think i will be even more eager. it will be the perfect opportunity to catch up on the garden. i need to cut back the tomatoes and continue my intensive harvesting.

it also sounds like i might raise a cow for some beef with a friend. looks like he has access to pasture and i would love to raise some meat for myself.

lots of promising ideas in the works....

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