prepare for the eventual hibernation

its fall. sigh.
when fall struck, i was sitting in a living room in portland and the rain began. you could hear the rain begin to fall harder and then harder, and then harder still. 'that is what fall sounds like' a friend said.

i can't believe its been nearly a month since i've written. except that i can because for the past several weeks i have felt like i have been in a constant mad dash. work, farm, animals, chickens, garden, tomatoes, restaurants, weddings, dinner parties. its making my head spin.

perhaps i should be joyous of the quiet fall will bring rather than put out by the chilliness that has already descended upon us.

however, it is not quiet yet. still lots to do.
its nearly to freezing and then the tomatoes will have to be ripped out. this weekend i will probably pull out peppers, the remaining delicatas and the eggplants. i should start harvesting carrots, with the delicata gone, it will be nice to be able to see my carrots a little more clearly.

for the fall and next spring i have strawberries, rhubarb, broccoli raab, garlic and fava beans to plant. i've already gotten quite the list going, with only a an hour of thought. there will probably be more, all the nursery sales are beginning and i need to trim up some of my shrubbery as well. look into trees and maybe blueberries?

soon i will follow up with some photos.
soon i will follow up with a recap of the growing season.
soon, soon, soon. i'm getting a lot done, there is just so much to do.

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