fall garden cooking

my agenda today is almost entirely wrapped up in the kitchen.

1. applesauce. i'm going to make a applesauce from my neighbors apples. i have fifty or so apples, i am not sure if i will make them all into sauce, or if i should make a couple different sauces, or i might try to make this apple & sweet onion sauce.

2. quiche. so that i can take it into the office tomorrow. i have high hopes for this one, i am going to fill it will broccoli, delicata squash, onions, arugula, cheddar cheese and saffron.

3. green tomato jam? its begun freezing at night and the tomatoes are dead. i should salvage what i can and either try to ripen them or use them green.

4. harvesting. i should start pulling my beets and carrots and parsnips. i don't know what i am going to do with all of them.

5. vegetable stock? depends on what kind of vegetable scraps i go through.

anyways...pretty ambitious seeing as how its already 12:15 eh?

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  1. I love beets and carrots. If you have too many I could help out with that. Let me know your rate ;)


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