while in portland i bought a book about cheese.
now i'm all jazzed up about making my own yogurt and cheese.

of course, it requires the purchase of some supplies, as always. it also makes me want to have a cow and a constant source of milk, as always.

i used to think a gallon a day would be insane, but if you could be making could be using that to make batches of yogurt, butter and cheese then it really wouldn't be that bad. for one, butter can freeze.

this weekend i also picked up my grandparent's bread machine. again, more jazzing. and more requisite supplies—namely yeast, because oddly enough i already have bread flour.

my goal for december is to buy as little food as possible.
shouldn't be too difficult. for one, i am a known hoarder of food. i already have a basement full of fall veggies and a freezer full of spring and summer ones. plus, i can try my hand at making my own bread and butter.

should be an interesting experiment.

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