tonight i made first honey wheat bread. then apple butter. then chocolate banana bread. then tortellini with delicata in a alfredo sauce. and packaged up some dozens of eggs. and some cleaning.

all done within the toasty warmth of my fireplace.
these days when puttering around the house, i've been heating it with my fireplace. its surprisingly effective, more so than any other place i've lived—i can keep the living room at 70 degrees all evening long—not to mention, that it makes the house smell wonderfully like fall.

c'mon, wood fire, apple butter, fresh bread? that's fall.

i really enjoy the fact that when i'm on a roll, i'm on a roll. i like to make several cooking projects in one evening. you can clean while you wait, wait while you prep and have a cascade of successful completions. not to mention that it gives me ample time with my various house animals, cell phone correspondents and internet outlets.

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