i've caught the nesting bug

its fall and i've had some time on my hands.
i'm now in full blown nesting mode.
it doesn't help that my coworker is currently getting settled in herself.

this tuesday the highlight of my day was buying some art off of Etsy from Yumi Yumi, including one custom piece of finches done in red with a white background.

direct from the artist and the opportunity to ask for custom pieces is one reason i absotutely love Etsy. in portland i had more opportunities to buy handcrafted, these days i just use Etsy as my cheat.

once i get some cashflow (and they create a Portland poster) i intend to buy a series of city posters from Ork for my living room. i am thinking...brooklyn, seattle, portland and san fransisco.

they will go up above these two ikea chairs. in grey.

i've also recently had offers from friends to dig out some flower beds, trim up my lilacs and refinish my hardwood floors.

i'm on a roll. unfortunately my bankroll doesn't seem to be.
continually thwarted by money...what's a girl to do?

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