photo evidence

i've been overly enamored with fall.
i recall this from last year too.
and may i say, the only redeeming factor of the drizzly grey skies is that the colors of the fall trees pop so much better.

Also, a quick pick of my gorgeous and very simple carrot 'root cellar':

I'm a big fan of root cellars, I'd like to develop a larger one.
There was an article in the New York Times recently about it.

probably the most exciting discovery of the week was that a nearby feed store has some food grade plastic barrels for sale for about twenty-five dollars. i've been wanting a rain barrel to collect rainwater for the garden and maybe the chickens. unfortunately, rain barrels cost around $150. recently i found some for $75, but had shipping on top of it.

but for twenty-four dollars and perhaps another five for parts, i can make my own! i'm pretty excited. i'll have one out front, two by the driveway and maybe one by the chickens.
rain gutters on a chicken coop? silly but i love it.

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