small pleasures

i am delighted to announce that the rabbits are now friends.
this is excellent news, since that was my intention in getting a second rabbit.

i can now leave them alone without bloodshed.
have you seen rabbits fight? its quite...furious.

better yet? i only need to build one bunny hutch!
i have been toying with the idea of fortifying the chicken yard and allowing them to run around it some times. this seems like a good way to lose a rabbit though, so i am not so sure what i think of that. it would just look so darling!

the other good news is that i may have found a trick to keeping the chickens in freezing weather—i added maybe ten granules of rock salt to their five gallon tank the other day and thus far it seems to be keeping water flowing. and none of the chickens seem to be showing any adversity to the slight increase in salt.

so all in all, a good weekend.

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