the cats

the cats are hilarious and are a constant source of entertainment for me.

for one, cats make excellent napping partners.
all my cats sleep with me at some point during the week. milo usually sleeps with me at night, although notorious is the only one that will let me snuggle him. cat seem to spend the better part of their days napping in various locations throughout my house. the perfect animal for me.

in the past few days i have actually relocated my cats from the couch to their cat tree (almost the only time they will get on it) mid-nap and what happens? they just continue to sleep in place. that's dedication.

secondly, i love that cats have a handful of incredibly predictable behaviors. (one)—they must personally investigate all boxes and baskets by sitting in them. (two)—their love of sitting on paper.

of the three cats i have, milo tops them all with his particular neurosis—which include: chewing on electrical cords, drinking water from the bathtub, licking my feet after a bath and scratching the door frames throughout my house.

aesop has a more manageable list albeit more annoying, drooling and kneading. he also has an affinity for the television and laser pointers. as for notorious...i am not entirely sure of his tics. thus far, its just being loud.

however, the addition of notorious has created a social structure that takes its turns being amusing and annoying to me. notorious has a difficult time leaving aesop alone, which in turn often causes an uproar. in recent weeks, milo has gotten a bug up his ass and often chases notorious around. more often than not, it drives me nuts. but it is amusing to watch cats get worked up.

over the last couple weeks i have found myself laughing at the cats so much, i am glad that if i am going to be a crazy cat lady, that they really do enrich my life somewhat.

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