2009 garden picks

beans—soliel, maxible
beets—golden, chiggogia
broccoli—romanesco, others at random
cabbage—red acre, glory of enkhutzen
carrot—purple haze, others at random
cauliflower—puprple cape
celery—giant pascal
celeriac—mostorpolgi, brilliant
corn—stowell's evergreen
cucumber—japanese climbing
eggplant—thai green, listada de gandia
hot peppers—ancho, jalapeno
kales—blends, not yet decided
melon—haogen, prescott fond, blacktail mountain, wilson sweet
mustards—also blends
parsnips—at random
peas—at random
potato—rose finn, carola, peanut
radish—amethyst, blend
spinach—at random
summer squash—gold rush, cocozelle, pattison panache vert et blance
sweet pepper—feher ozon paprika, orange bell, bulgarian carrot
sweet potato—laceleaf, violetta
tomatoes—black from tula, black plum, federle, green zebra, juane flamme, hillbilly potato leaf, sungold
tomatillo—dr. wyche's yellow
winter squash—thelma sanders acorn, bush delicata, hercules butternut


  1. Quite the list! Looks wonderful... who do you order your seeds from?

  2. The majority of seeds I ordered from Seed Savers, but then I also got a handful from Territorial Seed Company. :)


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