regardless of the groundhog

just like last year, i have a lot of work ahead of me in the yard.
why do i do this to myself? this time i am striving to actually follow through.

sadly, everything takes money. follow through takes money.

my goal is to rip out all the grass in the front yard, put up a two foot picket fence, add a two or three foot strip of garden and then fill in the lawn with a no-mow lawn (fescue or hair grass). just ripping out the lawn alone will be a considerable job.

in the back i need to build a bunny barn.

i also need to cage up the chickens, rip up the chicken yard, lay down some pasture seed mix and let it grow into a thick jungle of lawn for the chickies and the bunnies. i also need to fortify my chicken fence so they don't wreak havoc on the garden this year (or ever again!)

sigh. baby steps. baby steps.
first things first, the bunny barn. because, frankly, i don't think the ground is warm enough to germinate any seeds at this point. maybe i should learn how to kill my lawn as well and find someone to build me a fence.

i'm feeling a little overwhelmed. just like any spring.

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