saturday it was sunny and warm if you weren't in the shade.
i spent the morning working on my rabbit hutch and the afternoon checking out the new farm. it was lovely. orchards. old crusty barn. birds. grapes.

spending time with sarah always leaves me feeling like my goals are attainable. that things will add up, fall into place. its a great feeling.

in this case, its not just a feeling, saturday it became fact.
i am going to become a chicken farmer on sarah's farm.

it was a wonderful and unexpected surprise and happens to be absolutely ideal. the farm is a (seriously) quick drive from my work, meaning daily upkeep will be convenient and the neighbor has pasture that he said he would consider leasing out to raise some beef on.

in one fell swoop, everything i've been wanting has fallen into place and all fifteen minutes from my door. i can't help but hum the johnny appleseed song.

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