progression towards a goal

this weekend i finished the rabbit hutch.
only one major snafu—it was too long to get out of my house. fuck!

the worst is that my grandmother repeatedly asked me if i'd be able to get it out of the house. anyways. so, i cut off the handles i so lovingly thought out. but it was better than the alternative—deconstruct it and reconstruct it outside. no thank you.

its outside now. charleton heston in residence.
he seems to be happy now and i am glad. i'm glad i made the hutch long enough for him to hop around, stand up and climb on things. the hutch looks good. when i have a chance to buy more wire i'll fix up the door a little better. but for now things are good.

the fence is coming along so i'm told.
i've been fielding and fending-off a variety of questions, suggestions and subtleties. it makes me chuckle a little to listen to her wheedle me and try and convince me that what she wants is actually what i said i wanted. i chuckle a little but mostly i just groan.

i'm a person that says what i mean, does what i want. when i need help i ask for it, when i'm wrong i admit it. i'm working at thinking things through better and am finding myself to be successful. plus—its my house. so. back. off. (sigh.)

by next weekend my house will have a whole new look!

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