signs of new life, indoors

its amazing what one can fit into their basement.

for one, the basement is now home to more baby chicks.
ten miscellaneous for a john & tristan, ten barred rocks for my farm, and five bantys for fun.

chickens are becoming hot in this town.
the feed stores are scrambling to stock chicks, everyone is talking about them. i kind of laugh. i'd like to think i have something to do with it. so many people who i have talked about chickens to want them now.

it makes me happy to think of so many people eating tasty fresh eggs. i'm glad than while the economy is tanking, people are looking to become self-sufficient. its a lot healthier than them relying on canned peas, frozen pizzas and fast food.

and in other basement news, today i planted oodles of seeds downstairs. tomatoes, peppers, basil and other herbs. it helped that my friend john was also in attendance. companionship keeps me focused.

the eggplants, celeriac and cauliflower are doing well.
a little leggy but very green.

i'm eager for warm weather.
today i was going to turn my beds a little with a garden fork but it began to rain, which of course, reminded me that i need to build rain barrels. soon.

next projects need to be: build rain barrels, fortify the chickens, plant outside, get bunnies neutered and fix rabbit hutch.
doesn't seem too daunting, which is a relief.

its now officially spring!

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