the root of the root and the bud of the bud

last weekend, something amazing happened.
i became the proud owner of two 20ft norway maple trees.

someone clearing their land for pasture, was selling them for...twenty dollars.
so some friends of mine bought eight and tacked my two on to their order.

saturday they delivered them, i wish i had pictures, it was a fucking hilarious muddy disaster.

sunday, we rented a one man auger and went to town...
(no way i was digging those holes by hand)

its amazing what a tree can do to change my front yard. (the other is in back)
initially i wanted it on the other side of the house, but given that the water main and gas main were somewhere in the vicinity, i opted for a safer placement.

...now i am just itching to continue working on the front yard.
but do not have the finances to do it really.

still...i have some trees!


  1. Michael McMd7:27 PM PDT

    weren't you taking a grip of pics? maybe they were on tristan's camera?

  2. Your place is really coming along, that tree will be nice come spring/summer :)


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