never a shortage of projects

this past weekend i spent all the time i could farming.
i think its my new plan for the next few months.

for one, it keeps me from spending money.
and i probably earn some good will, fantastic veggies and other treats in the meantime.

i mean, g&t's at four o'clock on a friday after playing in the dirt? nice.

the house and garden itself is a disaster zone lately.
fence still down from tree endeavor, sod not removed (pretty sure dude bailed on that), branches to be burned, fire pit to be dug. the baby chicks were moved into the bunny hutch so that my house no longer smells like chicken. and since the bunnies have yet to be neutered, moses is roaming free while cholo stays cooped up. the chickens are cooped up now that i have seeds planted. the water barrels have yet to be made.

all around my house, my projects mock me.
should have worked in the yard yesterday, instead i slept.

but at the farm things are looking lovely!

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