okay, guess what...

...i love my life.

i woke up at seven. yes, a.m. i proceeded to clean my kitchen, clean my fridge, clean my basement and clean my fridge all over again. i ate leftover tacos--by which i mean tacos made of leftovers. trust me, it was delicious.

but it only got better!

i hit up the farm and learn the irrigation sitch and i hit up the homestead and drank beer. and planted unusual herbs. ((shit if i could get people to do my grunt work!!))

and then i allowed my grandparents to feed me while i ranted politics and then i sped around town while mildly drunk and now i am in a basement typing after sipping and scheming and ...really in the end, contemplating bed.

guess what... i love my life.
yeah, i might have problems...but at least my life has character.
the fact that i sound like i should be on someones bumper is upsetting.

either way! its true!!!!!

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