greening up

randomly i've decided to get involved with the local food coop.
well, maybe its not so random. its an extension of something i am increasingly passionate about: local whole foods, earth friendly practices. but i've been telling myself for the past two years that i need to both become a member and volunteer my time. thus far, all attempts have ended in me being a total flake.

until now.
now i am not only a volunteer, but the volunteer coordinator.

since the opportunity for a second job continues to fail me, i've decided to stop looking for one and instead throw myself into my house, the farm, my egg operation and now the coop. i have high hopes for this and am looking forward to meeting new people.

beyond that, things came together nicely for me this week/end.
i am now the proud owner of a retractable clothesline! woo!

i also planted almost everything i had laying around (vegetables aside)...just a few remaining plants i will try and tackle this evening. the borage is coming up and the greens are starting to grow a little more—if the chickens don't take them out.

seriously—i am growing tired of having to wrangle chickens and bunnies so often.

today i am unbelievably tired, but i think i will try to push through and tie up these last loose ends. maybe even make my rain barrels, since rain is predicted for the next two days.

i think i may need to gear up for a bbq soon as a reward...

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