an unproductive weekend

spent the weekend wine tasting and not gardening, so unfortunately i don't have a lot to say.

my seedlings aren't nearly as big and beautiful as anything out at the farm or in the stores but i am hoping that they will pull through. i might collect milk cartons to make some impromptu cloches to aid my case once i get them outside.

last night we found a beheaded baby chicken.
my thoughts on this are:
1. i hope it was the same one that i couldn't retrieve from behind my neighbors fence (thus minimizing my loss.)
2. i hope it wasn't any of my three cats. (other cats are more difficult to control, but i don't want to have a killer in my house.)

quite frankly though, at this point, with this many chickens, i'm not too heart broken over the loss of one. mostly just frustrated that it means they need to be on lock-down.

making small steps towards the backyard of my dreams...

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