tasting notes

this past weekend was spring release, a wine event i have yet to take advantage of. until now.

over the course of events saturday and sunday, i found myself at: rulo, waters, dusted valley, nicholas cole, waterbrook and reiniger. (as well as the marc, sapolil, and t.maccarones.)

this time around i found that i preferred the following:
waters viogner
dusted valley's stained tooth syrah and cabernet franc
graeagle and juliette by nicholas cole
melange blanc and reisling by waterbrook
helix syrah
reiniger's ash hollow syrah and carmenere

this summer i think i will be concentrating on crisp, fruity whites and stepping back from the rose that i loved so much last summer. which will probably be awkward since it seems very in right now. guess i'm unique?

i can taste five wines in a row and not be able to name a single flavor, scent or impression to save my life, but then something sparks something in my consciousness and i think "Ooooo..." so perhaps my palette isn't the best in the world but i can recognize something once in awhile. that's not too bad i'd say.

my only other thoughts of note are that nothing tasted like dill this time around, nothing at rulo stood out for me this year besides the art, nicholas cole gave some really paltry sized pours to be honest and that the town was busy, which was excellent.

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