the season is beginning

today i thought...lets think about the garden.
its been very rainy lately, which is great for the garden and terrible for my unmade rain barrels.

right now i have seeded a row each of lettuce, carrots, spinach, arugula, mustard (or was it kale?), radishes, beets and green onions. the last two are finally starting to show some growth, the spinach is finally starting to look like spinach and the radishes are just going crazy.

i remember how nerve-wracking waiting for carrots to grow is and right when i think i am doomed, i notice the most delicate little greens poking through. success!

all the berries are greening up so for the first time i did not kill all my bareroot plants (a mistake i made last year, simply through neglect) and the strawberry plants i received are flowering, which bodes well for later!

the dead chick incident is helpful in that it means the chickies are on lock down, which i'm glad for because they really wreak havoc. the chickens are on lock down too, i'm tired of them trashing up my plants.

looking at my planting calendar, i am excited to see that i can start planting beans!

i'm looking forward to this weekend.
i'm going to pull out the parsnips and finish up the last two beds that haven't been turned and raked—one of which is for the beans. friday i need to get the potatoes in the ground before the full moon and maybe saturday i'll replant (3x now, bunnies!) the broccoli.

things are growing!

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