yard projects: (in an approximate order)
build rain barrels
cut apart felled tree
move pallets and build compost
add chicken wire to back fence
clean out chicken coop
movie bunnies into chicken yard
remove sod from front and along fence in back
seed front with rye/fescue/clover blend
organize the shed
build shelves
paint the shed
move wood pile next to shed
get rid of railroad ties
loosen soil and plant chicken pasture
build simple arbor over chicken fence
finish lighting project
bury electrical cords in pvc pipe
buy lantern for outdoor bulb

oh my, all at once, that list is daunting.

i've been research lawns, since i am ripping the front of mine out.
initially i was considering an all clover lawn but have now reconsidered for a clover-grass blend. clover is amazing for the soil—a nitrogen fixer with a deep tap root, means it provides its own fertilizer and is drought tolerant. i think i will try to seed some clover in the backyard too, but the bermuda grass is killing me. i'm either going to cut it out, smother or poison it. yes, that's right, i said poison. we'll see.

i think when i seed i'll try to put some edging in. i think that would be a good idea.

...someday everything will be done...

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