a chickens sensibility

reading the farmgirl fare blog the other day (one of the first farming blogs to have ever caught my eye) susan mentioned the homemade diet she was feeding her baby chicks. having never thought to feed baby chicks anything beyond starter, i ventured to post a comment and question.

wow. what the discussion!

and a reminder of the intriguing people who are passionate about vegetarian fed chickens. i have to admit, it can make one feel a little funny—especially after everything we've heard about the disgusting practices used by feed lots and meat factories. grinding up old animals and feeding them to their friends. i agree, yech.

but...chickens are omnivores. naturally. and they love protein. (cheese!)
and when i feed them meat, its not the sickly and elderly, culled and ground up. more often than not, its leftovers that i'll never get to. (because i am notoriously bad about eating leftovers. just am. lucky chickens.)

truthfully, i find it much more reprehensible to feed corn to cows.
cows. don't. eat. corn.

no one's forcing the chickens.

the fact is, i think an important part to a loving existence for an animal is to let that animal do its thing. let the chickens be chickens and the cows be cows.

either way. very lively discussion at farmgirl fare and one of my few times of really reaching out and getting something back. starting to feel like a real blogging blogger...hm!

two days until the camera arrives!!!

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