i'm no baker, yet

i need a better flatbread recipe.
last night we made dinner: sausage, flatbread, salad, roasted beets. i definitely did not get enough beets for my liking. who would ever think i would say that?

and...the flatbreads left something to be desired, homemade flat bread is not my thing just yet. but i would like it to be, so i think that will be my plan for the weekend. (as always, its tuesday and i am already thinking about the weekend.)

this weekend has got to be about moving the bunnies and planting corn.
and about flatbread and infused vodka (strawberry and rhubarb respectively).


  1. Deb's recipe is divine. Haven't had it go wrong yet.


  2. Excellent!
    Thanks Laura, I may just try this recipe this evening. I am so fond of late night cooking projects. :)


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