they just need to grow now

i will fess up to my unfortunately long silence.
luckily for my plants, silence does not equate lack of activity.

a big push of activity before company arrived last weekend. shed is looking good, yard is neat, plants are holding on. said company last weekend led to a discernible lag in productivity but i am looking forward to this upcoming weekend to make up for lost time.

on the vegetable front the peppers are struggling, the seed-grown eggplants almost non-existent, and my inattention did a number on the squash, cukes and melons. may be a late, outdoor, seeding in my future this weekend. all the greens have finally come into their own, the beans are plugging right along and the tomatoes are holding on. garlic is up, leeks are growing some lovely scapes for me and some belated broccoli raab is making a good showing.

i have a compost built and am looking forward to the luscious benefits i will reap from the beautiful compost now brewing in my backyard. how it is that in june i am already thinking about the fall?

this weekend i will work on getting corn, sunflowers, melons, cukes, and squash into the ground. i'll admit that i am disappointed in myself for letting so many amazing things die on me, but i have faith that some will succeed when planted by seed. we are lucky to have a long, warm growing season here. besides, how many zucchinis do i really need?

i am also incredibly bummed that my digital camera got swiped from my car a few weeks ago. summer is one of my favorite times to take pictures and i would love to be documenting the garden and the progress on the portable chicken coop (started last sunday, going out to take a look at it in a few!)

digital camera, definitely high on my list of priorities.
getting the seeds in the ground, even higher. at least i have some things straight.

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