in good company

things are looking good. sigh. i wish i had a camera.
(i think my final act of irresponsible behavior is to buy a camera on credit.)

the front yard is being ripped out as i write. now i am contemplating underground sprinklers. oh my. the fact is though, i'll work on my flower beds in the front over the summer and beyond that i don't mind if my front lawn is dust.

everything is holding tight, greening up and looking lush. that's all i've been asking for lately. i'm still behind. its okay, i'm in good company—i follow two blogs consistently, skippy's garden and not-so-urban hennery, both of which have fess'd up to similar feelings.

so, i will attempt to be humble in my goals for the weekend.
1. plant sunflowers & cosmos
2. ready shed for wood pile move
3. move bunnies & ready fence line for corn
4. work on farm coop

really, i could go on with about five more items. but...like i said, i'll try to set humble expectations for myself. then all that can happen is i surprise myself!

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