what to do with soiled chicken coop straw

for lack of anything better, this year i decided to use the straw out of the chicken coop on my potatoes. a few weeks ago i built a compost, but ended up only being able to put 2/3-3/4 of the soiled straw from this winter into it. while i will certainly not be short any compost (its so lovely warm!), i still had plenty to be rid of at some point. cue the potatoes! let's hope it works.

(...let's hope it doesn't burn the plants.)

because if it does (work), then my plan is to place some garbage cans right next to the coop next year and grow my potatoes right there, making it a quick trip with soiled hay. i'm quite proud of myself and already eager to try it next year.

maybe i'll try sweet potatoes in a black garbage can as well.
should help with the heat they need, and the deep can will provide well.

i think i will try to work some in when i plant the corn as well (hopefully this weekend, i am behind!) corn are such heavy feeders, as are the squash that will be going there, that it can't be a bad idea.

and if all else fails, i could probably squeeze a little more into the compost pile. :)

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