farm chickens

today, mid-dream, i was awoken:
"good morning, i brought you coffee...lets move the chickens"

and, i'm up.

this morning we moved approximately ten of the chickens out to the farm, one rooster in tow. tonight i'll complete the move. i'll say, its an amazing feeling to suddenly have fewer chickens at the house.

tonight i'll move the rest out, bring home the couple that were mistakenly relocated, and then play in the yard in celebration. its a nice feeling when a project is brought to completion.

especially for me, one of the greatest delayers of them all.

its wednesday. i'll leave them in the coop a couple of days in an attempt to have them imprint on it. it will give me time to create their run.

i'm looking forward to a productive weekend.
looking forward to getting back on track.

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