preparing to preserve

its the holiday weekend and i think i will be spending mine cleaning up my basement (in preperation for a home assessment and a new roommate) and in the kitchen putting up food—mostly fruits.

wednesday i got up at 5am and went out blueberry picking before work. ten pounds in an hour, at 1.25 per pound—i say it was a success. i'll probably freeze two-thirds of them and snack on the rest fresh, and i'll probably try to make it out at least one other time later in the season.

with blueberries on the mind i decide i should probably make some muffins. then i think, hell, why not make lots and lots of different muffins to freeze, makes for a quick healthy breakfast right?

this naturally progresses into thinking about strawberries, so i'll pick up a flat at Klickers and do some of that as well. and some strawberry infused vodka. and if they still have asparagus...well, what's one more project?

and then i read this article in the Oregonian and immediately decide that i should probably put a few jars of cherries up, since they are in season after all. i'm thinking, rose. i'm also thinking lavender. last year i froze my cherries and ended up using them for sorbet during my summer solstice dinner.

...you can see how my mind has been running lately.

case in point: i think i am going to portland next weekend to pick marion- and boysenberries at Kruger farm.

!!! definitely looking forward to months and months of tasty berries.

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