garden update

we'll do the good things first.
beans? check. crazy check. they are vibrant and luscious looking. the wax beans seeds i received i think are pole beans, and naturally i have not poled them. so we'll see how that experiment turns out. luckily, i have enough for next summer.

tomatoes? check. well, the plants anyway. i am pretty proud of my little babies and how large they have become, given that they were maybe three inches when i planted them.

potatoes? living the good life in chicken straw. few stems wilted (compost heat?) but they have rebounded and there hasn't been any further destruction.

melons? cucumbers? in the ground. sprouting, starting to grow. late? oh yes.

and now for the not-so-good...
uh. everything else? oh i'm kidding.

squash? aren't in the ground yet. tonight. really. they will be so incredibly late i will be lucky to get anything at all. but hey, that's why i befriended a farmer right?

corn is in the same boat and i am not sure i will plant it at all.

somewhere in between are the carrots, beets, peppers and eggplant. they are there but they aren't too impressive. and all the salad got ripped out by the chickens and i have just re-seeded. but the rhubarb is thriving after a sad beginning this spring, so there is that...

and somewhere in the middle of this i am already worrying about the fall. cover crops, soil amendments and fall crops.

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