quiet days

today i slept in and once awake proceeded to slowly clean my kitchen, living room and bedroom. then i tended my grandparents house, called my mother, fed the chickens and watered the garden.

there was the tiniest of thunderstorms and i sat on my back patio drinking wine and waiting for the rain to come.

the rain didn't give much of a show, but the sun setting was pretty and my snazzy camera takes pretty damn good sky pictures:

then around eight i got into gear and baked forty-one muffins. banana, blueberry lemon, strawberry and cherry with white chocolate. i had a whole system figured out and i made four batches in about two hours, with dinner fit in there too. blueberry were all white but all others were a mix of white, wheat and bran.

my army of muffins:

i'm glad i have tomorrow off.
tomorrow i will tend the plants and animals better.

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