the 2009 flock

i thought you might appreciate some chicken pictures this lovely sunday morning. this one seemed particularly cute, with all of the colors:

of the multitude raised in my backyard, i am only keeping six at home: two blue wyandottes, two amerucanas, a speckled sussex and a barred rock. anastasia, grace, emily, charlotte, amelia and yet un-named. (any suggestions?)

anastasia and grace. as my friend kelly described it, 'they look like two fat old ladies getting caught at the buffet.' i have to agree, grace's expression is especially priceless.

and this is sue. the boy named sue. i am hoping that he can stick around, he is quite cute and i really love the name. we'll see.

made it through another chicken season. am glad that things have settled into a routine. the young chickens are growing into full sized hens and there has yet to be any significant pecking order issues. very beautiful additions to the flock.

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