easy like sunday morning

its been a good weekend. the kind of weekend i looked back fondly of from last summer. cooking, farming, people, faces, places.

i spent saturday morning cleaning the kitchen, roasting peppers in a small cast iron pan and making a Mediterranean eggplant and barley salad that i found at Smitten Kitchen. needed to put an eggplant or two to use and i wanted something that would keep well.

i only strayed from the recipe in that i don't have cayenne pepper. so i threw in some red pepper flakes and paprika. it added a little kick, but i don't know if the effect was similar. either way, the salad was delicious, enjoyed later saturday afternoon along with chicken salad and fresh tomatoes.

spent time at the farm, planting, weeding and playing with the chickens and children.

now its sunday and i spent the morning making a quiche and getting ready for a wedding i'm to attend. the quiche made the entire kitchen smell wonderful, full of tomatoes, chard, onions, chev and basil. i like mornings where i can play in the kitchen before the days events.

mm. summer love.

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