sense of accomplishment

saturday i discovered some melons growing, which gave me an amazing sense of accomplishment since i planted them from seed.
after hunting down other potential melons i started looking around the garden and realized that its doing pretty dern well. eggplants are producing really well, the baby tomatoes i planted are now five feet tall and bushy, and there are crazy numbers of peppers coming on. peppers-from-seed peppers. the beans did well—maybe are still doing well? i need to check.

i'll admit i felt like somewhat of a failure for a large part of the summer. just like last year, not nearly as many of my goals got accomplished and in the mess of it all i let a lot of things wither. die. languish. i never got corn or squash planted, i never built trellises. my cucumbers are very, very late. and it looks like a blueberry plant might be dying.

but its the first year i grew from seed and it did pretty well. so that's got me feeling good. i've had two years in a row that were new, different and with a lot of behind-the-scenes work necessary. maybe next year will be my amazing year.

i've had an auspicious start for the fall. peas, brassicas, onions and greens all started for the fall. i expect the beans are on their last leg and once that is the case i'll rip them out and that can be my fall bed.

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