garden update: august

i've been doing my best to stay on top of the tomatoes: saucing, drying, packing in olive oil.

my tomato plants are finally starting to ripen up. (i shudder to think what the chickens may be doing at this very moment.) i dry the black plums, use the orange ones (variety?). black from tula is just starting to ripen, as well as the juliette cherry tomatoes. they are definitely no sungold. sigh.

somehow i didn't end up with a green zebra. sigh.

the eggplants are crazy. very amazing, successful year for eggplant. haven't picked in several days, they keep much better on the plant. though i did find a good rigatoni recipe i want to try.

ended up with approximately two gallons of beans from the farm that i steam blanched and froze. very excited about this. they are small and tender, last year the ones i froze were too old and tough.

of course i killed all of my promising fall seedlings.
i'll plant again, maybe this weekend. its late but i think we'll be okay.

the peppers are also doing spectacular.
and the cucumbers are finally producing as well.

sometimes i feel frantic, overwhelmed. but the fact is, this is the sweet spot. this is the pick and enjoy time. it's easy. just keep up with the plants.

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