anything is greener than my fridge

it is officially fall and it is official—i have no fresh greens.
last night i realized i had no green items whatsoever for dinner. leafies, beans, brassicas—zip, zilch, nada. it was devastating...

my successful beginnings of fall seeding in august were dashed by chickens, bunnies and most of all, my own carelessness and distraction. now its late september and i am without green vegetables to eat at dinner time.

uh-oh. fall's here and i am unprepared.

according to my planting calendar (care of portland nursery), i can still get some arugula, beets, carrots, fava beans, kale, mache, radish, snow peas in the ground. and that is exactly what i intend to do with my weekend.

i'm sad that i missed the brassicas' cut off, but its understandable. all i can do is hope for better next year (as always).

so this weekend is a big gardening push! rip out the past-their-prime beans and perhaps the finishing-up peppers, and do my winter work in those two beds while the remainder of the summer lovelies hold on as best they can during these chilly nights.

photos of the before and after are assured, check back for them over the weekend.

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