how would a dog eat corn in the wild?

today i realized that the cat food i've been buying (loyally for years now) has corn gluten, a frustrating realization given that i had been buying it specifically under the impression that it did not contain corn.

don't know if they changed their formula or if i overlooked something.

i try my best to avoid foods with unnecessary corn products (though the fact that my comfort foods are all overly processed poses a continual problem) and the truth is that cats and dogs especially do not need corn in their diet. here is a tiny bit of information regarding it, but you can find a wealth of additional information too—and not just from kooks.

its a line that few people draw, but its one that i have.
i try to find animal food that has primary ingredients that do not include corn or animal by-products. the truth is that its really hard and the truth is that i'll splurge once in awhile on cheap food as a 'treat' just like i do for myself.

so it was particularly disappointing to suddenly realize that the NutroMax that i have been buying for the cats, and intended to buy for the dog, had corn! right there, in as the second ingredient!

and just like that, i switched. to Taste of the Wild.
and guess what? its available at the feed store and its cheaper. local feed stores are awesome resources for pet, hardware and garden supplies—and it supports local business! with the pooch now i am finding that the feed store can beat every price from leashes to kennels and now food. good, quality, holistic food.

now i can buy all my animal feed from one place, which is nice. and i can avoid petco—which i loved when i didn't know any better. and better yet is that the animals are getting food that is even better than what they were getting, which makes me happy for them.

i encourage anyone to look into their pet's diet. and don't assume that getting your pet on a good diet means cooking for them every day (that is something i have a hard time bringing myself to do, however lots of people do it very successfully.)

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