the fall garden

this morning i woke up at six and it was dark outside.
not, sunrise dark but night-dark. i don't think i am ready for fall!

nonetheless, i began getting my garden in shape for the fall.

last year i waited too long for cover crops, i don't mean to make the same mistake twice. so i pulled the beans and most of the peppers and am gearing up to pull out the eggplants, cucumbers and melons tonight or tomorrow—the high for tomorrow is slated to be 65 with a low of 45, so these puppies are as good as they'll get.

harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons and (a few) eggplant. then planted some chard, lettuce mix and radishes—beets, carrots, and kale to follow.

fall mornings and fall nights aren't so great, but the fall afternoons are treating me well. rain predicted for tomorrow though, so we'll see how long my sunny disposition lasts.

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