the truth is that i don't like melon. i just don't. why am i growing it? well because i can, because walla walla is a good climate for melons and they are interesting. the chantaris and ha'ogen both smell absolutely heavenly but they are both melons and my tastebuds act accordingly.

the three chantaris melons i snagged sunday evening

maybe i should make cocktails? or agua fresca?

this years melon count:
5 chantaris
5 ha'ogen
2 black diamond watermelon
2 (tiny!) prescott fond

there could be a lot of reasons for the low count. (1) they were planted late (2) shortly after they became luscious, i seriously cut back on watering (3) they are heirloom breeds. either way, it was a lot of space for a small crop of a food that i just don't eat.

so next year i may stick with one melon, and trellis it for goodness sakes!
so right now, if i was going to pick one melon it would be the ha'ogen. their smell (heaven!), numbers and size have me sold, if you can really sell anyone who doesn't eat melon on a melon.

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    Learn to Love the Melon!


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