getting to know a dog

yesterday i picked up a pooch from the humane society.
currently his name is rupert. he's a terrier mix of sorts but a relatively mellow one.

here he is, chillin' in the kitchen while i cook

it was meant at a trial but i should have known i couldn't send him back.
he'd benefit from some training and he does chase the cats and chickens and bunnies, but he seems to be learning quickly, so the command 'leave it' may be my best method. chickens and bunnies are one thing, cats are another.

he's a little skittish but i'm not sure if anyone has noticed but me. his interest in balls, sticks and fetch appears to be non-existent. but he's a runner, laps around the yard. he's good in the car, pretty decent on the potty training front, and good at night. he tracks down his rawhide on his own to occupy himself when he's bored. he chills in the kitchen when i cook and in the bedroom when i sleep.

he might be aggressive with other dogs, but it might just be on a leash.
or i might be imaging things.

its interesting to get to know a dog. its different than cats. still trying to figure out how he likes to play, what toys he enjoys, what bad behavior he may be hiding. what do dogs like to do if they don't like to fetch?

so it looks like i have a dog. which opens a whole new can of worms.
any advice?

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