this weekend's harvest

a bountiful weekend to be sure.
saturday i woke up early and picked tomatoes. which of course led to the most delicious blt's in my life (jazzed up with arugula from the farm, avacado and smoked aged cheddar from tillamook—heaven!)

also picked my first melon—a ha'ogen, an israeli melon that has the most heavenly scent, i continue to think ambrosia. and this is coming from a girl who doesn't like melon. (why are you growing them you ask, not sure. just couldn't help it.)

the orange tomatoes were a surprise planting from the farm, but i do love their color!

today made my first foray into manual labor at my friend's former garden and made off like a bandit. also did an impressive amount of work in an hour, cleaning up the pathways of weeds made the central part of the garden look 100 percent better immediately. (next: mowing and the tomatoes.)

so now i have nearly thirty tomatillos—which seem to be ripe when they practically fall off the vine, five 'sweet keeper' winter squash, golden beets for canning and an obscene amount of peppers. i strung up some for dried pepper flakes and others i will roast tomorrow and freeze.

lots of eggplant still on the plants.
need to make some eggplant parmesan or eggplant rotini soon.

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