fall weekends

spent the weekend in portland. wanted a low-key weekend in portland, no-strings-attached. wanted to hit up portland nursery for the apple/pear tasting (the week before, but fruit is for sale for much longer) and wanted to see how the pooch handled a trip.

the conclusion?
portland nursery was devoid of pears. and apples (mostly). all in all, i came away with nothing and i didn't hit up the farmers markets for any either. but i did pick up my favorite cider from the hillsdale market and some fall-themed groceries from trader joes (pumpkin waffle mix, un-crystalized candied ginger, sparkling cranberry juice).

my fall flavor was drank up in the trees and leaves all over town, i didn't do much in portland besides continually wonder at the beauty of the trees. how is it possible that i do not remember ever noticing them when i was in college? i don't remember paying attention to fall until two years ago. silly me.

and rupert? he did wonderful. fantastic in the car—spent his time sleeping or peeking out the window. one break for a run and to go potty, and off we went. we took walks, ran around in the backyard and he was lavished with love by my aunt and grandmother.

rupert, looking out the window

my only note is that he is easily excited in social situations and i need to learn how to train him to not jump. then we will be money. farmer's markets, downtowns, parks. it will be lovely. he's a lovely pooch, just learning.

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