man's best friend

i'm snuggling on the couch with rupert.

i am looking at his adorably snuggly face and i am thinking how lucky i am to have found this pooch who is just perfect for me. for all the times i have wanted a puppers, for all of the times i looked and talked. i used to want a boyfriend that would give me a puppy for a special occasion but i am so glad that i was able to choose him for myself. there was no other way to know.

so when i said yes and brought the boy home, i shook my head at myself and wonder what i've done.

but i was lucky. or smart. i chose well.
he's a snuggle-bug. he's eager to please and smart, which means he listens. he's a goof-ball and a lover and a big kid. he frolics in the leaves and investigates everything. i love it. it makes me smile to be with him.

he's good in the car and good at the farm. good loose. good with other dogs and good with people. he is playful with the chickens and cats—in their mind a nuisance but certainly not a danger.

i'm so happy he's in my life.

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