slowing down

its been a nice fall weekend.
spent a lot of it on the couch—living room window open to the sunny blue fall sku. but i did take a few breaks to clean up the backyard a little and enjoy some fresh air. now that the garden is dead i've left the gate open a few times to allow the chickens to poke through and clean up.

margaret thatcher, chillin'

the girls are doing well. with all the tomato cooking, vegetable harvesting and garden clean up they have been eating quite well. with the oncoming cold weather i'll need to clean up their coop and yard. this year i'll spread some hay-bales out, given them something to scratch around in and mitigate the mud.

charlie's angels? emily, grace and ramona

haven't spent much time watching the girls lately, too busy i suppose. today though it was enjoyable to watch them running around the backyard with the final tomatoes and other discovered treats.

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